7 Steps to Create Unique Graphics for Website Design

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Use the right image for your home page, and create a unique visual effect. You don’t have to be trained as a Graphic Designer as with practice you can create your own Unique Graphics for Website Design like trendy images and infographics or even social media cover images.

Tools to Design Visual Content

There are now quite a few drag-and-drop tools that will help you to achieve the right effects. One of these is


This allows you to create a lot of different graphics and resize them at the same time. It also has a huge library of stock photos to save you from taking your own, and many only cost as little as $1.

Customize your colors photos and icons and gradually build your talents.

Most of Canva is free to use and a large range of network graphics is available.

2. PicMonkey

Is a similar platform, but more in-depth, as it erases backgrounds and edits photos as well. It has different drag-and-drop applications and is easy to use for $7.99 a month for basic applications.

3. Optimizilla

This program can drag and drop up to 20 images fast and will speed up Unique Graphics for Website Design using a slider bar to adjust the quality. Optimizalla works with both JPG and PNG if you are using logos this is useful. All uploaded images are deleted after one hour, and you can change the size and image quality easily.


This is a WordPress Plugin that helps to optimize images fast. If you don’t like the way your reduced image looks, you can change it again or restore it to its original size. This is all very inspirational, and when you are getting started, is a good opportunity to learn by creating.

5. Digital Camera

If you are using a lot of photos on your site, invest in a digital camera to get the right shot, as it will provide clarity and beautiful pictures of your product. For example, if you are a cooking expert and writing a recipe book, every dish should be photographed, as your clients will want to see the results on your webpage. This will gain you a lot of followers as people love a visually attractive recipe and the photo will make them want to try it for themselves.

6. Adobe PhotoShop

The Adobe Photoshop program should be on your computer as it is another essential Unique Graphic for Website Design tool that you will use every day to make the photos look just right, and the reality is that they can’t go onto the website until they are visually perfect.

Real Estate Advertising is another area where a really beautiful photo can sell the house, and at least the picture will get the buyers through the door.

7.iPad Apple, 10th generation notebook

This is the latest in iPads to showcase your unique graphic design work to clients. It is a neat tablet size fitting into a handbag or briefcase for ease of carrying to appointments on the run.


There are a few more essentials for creating Unique Graphics for Website Design, and we will look at them later.


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